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In my last blog post (see: „Thank you Philippe Bischof“) I pointed out the urgency that in the discourse about the shutdown culture not only the music creators and promoters but also the responsible persons of the big institutions should take a position. This is not only a matter of outlining possible scenarios for the time after the lockdown, but also of making pointed statements that emphasize the importance of the cultural sector not only as a socially relevant player, but also as an eminently important part of the economic volume.

It is therefore only to be welcomed that, following Pro Helvetia Director Philippe Bischof, SUISA CEO Andreas Wegelin has now also spoken out. He criticizes the lack of cultural awareness among political decision-makers and calls for differentiated rules in order to quickly and gradually make cultural life in Switzerland experienceable for the public again. According to Wegelin, culture is part of the basic daily needs of human beings.

As Director of FONDATION SUISA, I am also in constant discussion with my team and our Board of Trustees as to how we, as a funding institution, can react quickly and straightforwardly to the difficult circumstances. In the near future, we will therefore supplement our portfolio with a new funding model in order to promote the development of creative ideas and to enable their implementation in a quick and uncomplicated way, even in these times.

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