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Watch out: „Free access to cultural creation“


With their communiqué „Concert streaming in times of Corona: Should one participate? And if so, how?“ the association SONART – Musikschaffende Schweiz launched an important discussion. Currently, free concerts by musicians are flickering into our living rooms on (almost) all channels. In times of the temporary „house arrest“ imposed by the corona virus, this is certainly justified. After all, music is the best balm for the soul!

I share the view that there are many positive aspects to the streaming projects currently in operation. Crises should be used to realize new innovative ideas. But innovation must not only be related to the here and now, otherwise there is a danger that – steered by a wave of solidarity – forms of „free access to cultural creation“ will be established, which we will find difficult to eliminate. 

But just so: It is precisely the musicians who, in these difficult times, find themselves in existential hardship as self-employed and freelancers. Free work in the sense of psychological care for the entire population is praiseworthy and especially now necessary. But what if a man/woman gets used to it? Even before the Corona crisis, the music industry had to struggle with the free distribution of intellectual property.

It is extremely important that we do not lose sight of tomorrow today. There will be a time after the coronavirus. And it is this time that we must focus on. We have to counter the emerging free mentality with the claim „music has value“. This is one of the central concerns of the FONDATION SUISA.

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