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“Get Going!” moves into the fourth round


Since 2018, “Get Going!” has been an integral part of FONDATION SUISA’s funding portfolio. Now the start-up funding, which promotes innovative and creative approaches outside the usual categories, is entering the fourth round.

I admit that when “Get Going!” was first advertised in 2018, it was a shot in the dark. Our new funding focus was about looking forward. Instead of patting an artist on the back by giving them a prize for something they had already achieved, we wanted to invest the money available to us with a stronger impact on the future.

Since then, we have already awarded “Get Going!” grants on three separate occasions. The success and positive feedback are overwhelming! The unwavering interest in this funding contribution underlines the new conditions musicians have to contend with in many respects. Since the start-up funding is not tied to a firmly defined result, it enables musicians to work free from financial and time pressures. The environment in which musicians work has become more and more hectic in recent years. To top it all off, then came the pandemic which left many in a vacuum. One thing is certain: the time factor has become an asset that should not be underestimated in terms of its value.

“Get Going!” is aimed at innovative and creative projects that are at risk of falling between the cracks in the traditional funding application system. Artists should not feel constrained in terms of their visions, which is why with “Get Going!” we are accommodating them and their needs. In a nutshell: we want to focus on free and creative thinking.

Effective immediately, creators, authors and musicians who can prove a clear link to current Swiss or Liechtenstein music-making can once again apply for a “Get Going!” grant. This year, too, four such start-up financing grants, each valued at CHF 25,000, will be awarded by a panel of experts. The closing date for applications is 30 August 2021. 

In order to demonstrate the opportunities provided by “Get Going!”, over the next few weeks, we will publish profiles of the recipients of last year’s “Get Going!” grants on FONDATION SUISA’s website and here.

You can apply for a “Get Going!” grant here.