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«Get Going!» 2021: «We wanted and had to react more flexibly»


Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures: instead of four, this year FONDATION SUISA is awarding a total of eleven «Get Going!» grants amounting to 25,000 Swiss francs each.


Swiss music makers are still suffering considerably from the effects of the pandemic. The past few months have clearly shown that it is still difficult, if not virtually impossible, to plan a purely audience-oriented music production – i.e. concerts and tours – let alone carry it out. «FONDATION SUISA would like to be perceived as a reliable partner for music makers, especially in these still very difficult times,» says Foundation Director Urs Schnell. «That’s why we have adjusted our funding activities and increasingly focused on the creation processes».

The jury, consisting of Bernard Cintas, Zeno Gabaglio, Anna Gosteli and Kathrin Renggli, did not make things easy for themselves. More than 150 «Get Going!» submissions were carefully considered. All of them clearly demonstrated that the creative spirit of the scene does not rest even in times of pandemic. Quite the opposite.

«In addition to musicians grappling with the issue of COVID-19, it seems to also have mobilised them in terms of content. Never before have we had so many submissions underpinned by philosophical, political or socially critical thoughts,» explains Kathrin Renggli. Zeno Gabaglio is also enthusiastic about the variety of projects received: «The quality and diversity of Swiss music knows no geographical or linguistic boundaries. We received exciting contributions from all over the country, from both urban centres and remote areas.»

Especially under the current circumstances, «Get Going!» has proven to be a valuable instrument for maintaining the creative energy of the current Swiss music scene. That’s why «we wanted and had to react more flexibly,» explains Urs Schnell. «Given these circumstances, it was undoubtedly worth investing more in «Get Going!» at the moment,» is how he underlines the decision to support a total of eleven exciting projects with start-up funding this year:

• Aris Bassetti⎪Arbedo, TI
• Lucia Cadotsch⎪Zurich, ZH
• Antoine Chessex⎪Zurich, ZH
• René Desalmand⎪Lump200⎪Berlin, DE
• Rea Dubach⎪Omni Selassi⎪Biel, BE
• Martina Linn⎪Lucerne, LU
• Christoph Sirgel Hartmann⎪Weinfelden, TG
• Daniel Jakob⎪Melodies In My Head⎪Bern, BE
• Bibi Vaplan⎪Popcorn-Opera⎪Lumbrein, GR
• Imelda Gabs⎪Lausanne, VD
• Daniel Zea⎪Geneva, GE